Free Enlightenment Talks

(These are NOT sales pitches. They're REAL seminars.)

January Enlightenment Talk

The Force of Focus

 In this super-paced technological world we live in, distractions and multi-tasking seem like a way of life. It seems as though we are pulled in so many different directions that we wonder how our bodies stay together.

 What if you could break this cycle, gain more control over your life and its outcomes, get more done, and enjoy your life more? Pam will discuss some simple tools and techniques you can use immediately to achieve these conditions.

 Pam presents these teleseminars as a service. They last about 30 minutes and are (hopefully) interactive. By regularly attending them you will assemble a powerful toolbox for successful living.

 Here is the information:

Date:           Thursday, 11 January 2018

Time:          5:30 pm Pacific Standard 
Telephone Number:       (712) 770-4700

 Access Code:   453166#